From the simplest Public Address System to a fully monitored networked Voice Alarm System, from Background Music to complex Audio-Visual Systems, we have over 50 years' experience in providing systems, always to budget, whilst meeting all necessary compliance & standards requirements.

  • Public Address & Announcement Systems
  • Voice Alarm & Evacuation
  • Background & Foreground Music
  • Audio-Visual System & Control
  • Induction Loop & Hearing Assistance


Induction Loops


Facilities for the hard of hearing are required by both the building regulations Approved Document M and by the DDA in places where the public need to hear information or where customers are separated from staff by a glass partition. Our induction loop amplifier range will satisfy the requirements of both pieces of legislation with the minimum of disruption, and can be designed into all applications such as Schools, Public Areas, Offices, Lifts, Help Points, Desks etc. We also offer visual and tactile alarm devices for the hearing and impaired.

Infra-Red Audio Systems

Infrared Audio Systems are suitable as an alternative to induction loops for problem buildings/installations (when magnetic background noise levels in a room are high) or when conventional loop cabling is impractical to install and for public buildings where privacy and security are a concern. As the receiver needs to be in “line of sight” you do not get overspill into other rooms. Using Infra-Red audio signals can be radiated around a room to a recipient using a dedicated receiver. A receiver can be worn by any person, regardless of their hearing capabilities, in the form of a headset – or a hearing aid user may make use of a special receiver which connects to a small neck worn loop, effectively providing them with a personal induction loop



Public Address Systems


Church sound systems can be very simple and unobtrusive. From just a few speakers and a microphone. Serving less than a hundred perhaps; to a full-blown line array system, offering sound reinforcement to many thousands. Solent Sound have 50 years’ experience

designing, installing and maintaining PA systems providing up to date technology and perfect hearing for all of the Churches parishioners.

Systems designed, installed & certified to BS6259, BS5839-8, EN50849, BS7594, BS7671, all carried out to the latest versions, and Building Regulations as appropriate. ISCE, NSCA, AES, PLASA Member